March 29

3 Simple Exercises To Start Loving Yourself More



Have you ever sat down in front of the mirror and said I love you __, I really love you?

Probably not.

Most people find it rather uncomfortable, awkward and downright embarrassing, the list goes on...

Have you ever stopped to think yourself

  1. 1
    Why is this? 
  2. 2
    What can you do about it?

The answer in short is:


You don't love who you are


You can change it, starting right now

‚ÄčSo many of us are wandering around in bodies that we don't like, were constantly critiquing and comparing ourselves to others and were full of fear and self doubts.

It's time to stop this negative perception and move out of our fears and into love and it starts by loving who you are.

Loving yourself is surprisingly easier than you might think.

Like everything repetition is the gateway to mastery.

Loving yourself is no different.

Saying anything kind to yourself may me difficult at first.

But with a little practice and a generous dollop of compassion for yourself, you will soon realise that all it takes is a little bit of time and lots of practise.

But just remember, go easy on yourself, this is likely to be unfamiliar territory.


Because we don't grow up with self love being the notion.

Self love isn't taught in schools, it rarely mentioned around the 'family' dinner table and it certainly isn't spoken about between lovers.

Although if we did, we would all have profoundly different relationships and this would ultimately change the course of our lives and our experiences for the better.

When you start loving yourself from the inside out, the world around you changes.

You become the glass half full kind of person and not the pessimistic, fearful, crabby glass half empty person.

But the main reason to jump on this new age bandwagon is because the more you love who you are, the more you will attract love into your life.

Like attracts like.

This isn't just romantic love I'm talking about, I'm talking about love from every corner imaginable.

Love showing up in areas of your life from finances to health to relationships to vocation and so much more.

When you radiate love from the inside, the Universe will keep giving you more.

Dosen't this is sounds so flipping good...?

In this article I'm going to show some very simple exercises you can do every day to start your self love journey.

1. Mirror Work

Mirror Work is an exercise pioneered by Louise Hay and involves the simple practice of sitting in front of a mirror saying positive, kind, loving words to yourself. 

Although this exercise is very simple on the surface it is so powerful and will bring profound healing to your life.

The purpose of mirror work is to cultivate more self love and self care into your life. 

Standing or sitting in front of a mirror for 5 minutes can bring so many emotions and demons to the surface that you may have thought previously you were finished with.

There nothing quite like looking into the eyes of your own soul and stripping away the ego to reveal the beautiful unconditional love you have for yourself.

mirror work
The ability to access your deeper consciousness can be somewhat confronting but also deeply comforting. 

Yes, your inner critic will be loud and vying for your attention, sadness may wash over you, fear will rise to the surface all of these emotions and feelings are natural.

Let them be, just acknowledge that they are there and let them go. This is all part of the healing process. 

We all tend to burry our emotions as much as we can when difficult times arise in our lives. These emotions are stored with in our bodies and cause distress and disease.

Mirror work is a great tool help confront and release these emotions from your bodies.

One of my favourite aspects of mirror work is re connecting with my inner child.

Understandably this might feel extremely difficult and painful for some, and others it might feel uplifting, exciting and deeply loving.

Nearly all of us are guilty of neglecting our inner child as we grow older. 

Coming face to face again with your inner child can be joyous experience, profoundly healing and very transformative. 

I bought Louise Hay's book Mirror Work and followed her steps one by one. I conquered some of my inner ghosts and overall I found a wonderful deep inner peace within my own skin.

My eyes softened, I smile more often at the beauty of life and my love flows freely inward and outwards.

Seeing yourself as a little girl (or boy) immediately brings bucket loads of compassion flowing inwards. It really is a beautiful feeling.

When you become more comfortable just being in front of the mirror, trying adding affirmations. 

Start with more general affirmations then go a little deeper and get more specific. 

Go at your own pace and listen to your intuition. This isn't an excercise to push yourself, it's actually the complete opposite. Take as long as you need.

I would suggest a daily practise of 5 minutes a day, working your way up to 10 minutes a day to see the most benefits.

What you will to notice is the more self love you uncover within yourself, the more harmonious relationship you will attract into your life. 

Connecting with others on a deeper soul level will bring greater significance and meaning to your life. 

Exercise #1

  1. Sit comfortably in front of the mirror
  2. Take three deep breaths in and surrender your out breath
  3. Look into your eyes and smile
  4. Repeat these words... I love you __. I really love you.
  5. Write down how it feels
  6. If this feels comfortable then continue with more affirmations. I would suggest starting with Louise Hay affirmations as she's carefully created hers.

Here's some of Louise Hay affirmations:

  • I am worthy
  • I love and accept myself
  • I love and approve of myself
  • I release all fear
  • I let go of old limitations and beliefs
  • I am deserving
  • I really really love you __

*There are so many affirmation available on the web, find what resonates with you, make a list and print them out.

Further Learning

  1. Loving Yourself - Online Video Course
  2. Mirror Work - Book

2. Smiling

It's hard to believe a simple smile can have such tremendous health benefits and improve the connection within yourself on a far deeper level.

Why is it so powerful?

Smiling opens up the connection to the unconditional love in your heart.

Pretty cool eh?

What this means is, the more we can open our hearts and unlock the intelligence of the love that already exists, the more the world around us opens up.

But through society's conditioning, childhood traumas and unhealthy relationships, most people have closed themselves off from the connection to source energy.

The simple act of smiling can immediately change this.

Opening your heart allows you to receive more love from the universe. You will feel empowered, trusting and life will unfold effortlessly for you.

Love is the most powerful healer. It heals the mind, body and spirit completely not just on the surface but on a cellular level.

Opening you heart begins with remembering to smile. Smile at the birds, the trees the sunshine.

Smile at a stranger and see the transformation within the individual.

Smiling is so simple yet so healing.


Open your heart with a simple smile, you will see the love pour from yourself out into the universe.

This will attract more meaningful relationships and a life of purpose and higher devotion.

Self love is the doorway to higher realms and connecting with the abundance of love already available within the Universe will leave you feeling in an euphoria state everyday.

From my personal experience smiling when I'm out and about has brought me so much joy.

I've had many exchanges with strangers and felt a lift of energy, a burst of love and instant grounding from it.

I've noticed the more I smile at the world around me, the more I see beauty in everything. From the smallest detail, to the grander schemes of our universe.

A simple smile can change your day even you life for the better.

Exercise #2

  1. Smile for at least 5 minutes a day
  2. Go outside daily and smile at the world around you

3. Self Love Meditation

Self love is the practise of getting to know who you really are.

Beyond your ego, beyond all your conditioning and limitations. Your true authentic self.

Self love is about loving yourself unconditionally. To love every part of yourself fully and completely.

Mediation is a powerful tool to help deepen this connection between the mind, body and spirt.

Self love is the journey back to our soul in our most purest form, just like when we were first born.

Mediation is a facilitator to help unlock our unconditional love in your heart.

When you sit quietly with your eyes closed, you soon realize how much clutter and junk you need to filter out.

The inner critic constantly creeping up, and the ego full of fear and self doubts. It's of little wonder why we need to re train our minds and practice self love.

Mediation in itself is an act of self love.

Spending some alone time with you self will immediate have a positive effect of your health and wellbeing.

This self love mediation is so quick and easy to do, yet can have a profound effect on you immediately.

Once you get a taste of the unconditional love in your heart, you will soon want more of it. Because it feels so damm good!

Mediation is the gate to knowing thy self. And when you really know who you, you become a powerful being.

Infinite potentiality. Is your to have when you open the door to self love.

Exercise #3

Self Love Meditation

  1. You can do this mediation lying or sitting down
  2. Close your eyes and have your palms facing upwards
  3. See the beautiful light shining in your heart
  4. Focusing on this light , take three gentle deep breaths
  5. With each breath feel this light getting bigger and brighter and whole body is on the light
  6. This is the light of your unconditional love
  7. Feel how that feels in this light
  8. In this light of unconditional love, feel how your head feels, how your neck and shoulder feels, how your spine and back feels
  9. Feel this unconditional love in your chest, in your torso, feel this unconditional love in each of your organs - lungs, heart, stomach, intestine, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs
  10. Feel this unconditional love in your arms, hands, fingers
  11. Feel this unconditional love in your pelvis, thighs, knees, ankles, feet and toes
  12. Every part of your body, every cell in your body is shining so beautiful in this light of unconditional love
  13. Feel every part of your body, every cell in your body is being blessed with this unconditional love
  14. If you have thoughts saying I don't deserve it, it dosen't matter, let them go, just feel it
  15. Feel yourself with all the unconditional love
  16. Let this unconditional penetrate deep into your body, into your mind, into your soul
  17. Feel it deeply, truthfully
  18. Recognise how your unconditional love feels like, when you focus on your love, this is how you feel
  19. Bring your focus back to your heart, see the light is shining so bright, focusing on this light take three gentle deep breaths
  20. Slowly open your eyes and message your face


There is no competition when it comes to self love.

It's a journey to embark on with an open heart and bucket loads of compassion for yourself.

There is no magic pill with self love, it's more life a life long pilgrimage.

But with each step on your voyage to unconditional love you will be presented with many transformations and lessons which will help you along to your inner alchemy.

For some, it might be a long road ahead but just take comfort on knowing each and every step is getting you closer to unravelling all the layers around your heart that you've built up over time.

For those of you, who are already on the journey, then these exercises will be an addition to the work you've already put in.

And, when you become a master of unconditional love, your vibration will rise, you will become a magnet for love of every kind and your perception of the world around you changes.

My hope is everybody embark's on this journey and especially children.

Children are our future and we need more love in this world.

I hope you've taken something from this article which will help you in your unlock the love in your own heart.

Let me know in the comments below how the simple practise of self love has transformed your life?

With love


About the author 

Lauren Ringer

 Hi, I'm Loz. And I'm a life coach for those people who are brave enough to run towards their truth. i was brave enough to run towards mine. 

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