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5 Daily Rituals To Help With Money Blocks



Are money blocks holding you back from living the life you truly want?

If so, the good news is, your not the only one!

In fact, nearly every entrepreneur encounters money blocks on their journey which they will need to overcome in order to continue moving forward.

If your unsure whether or not you have money blocks, then ask your self this simple question.

Are you where you want to be right now in your life?

If it’s a no, then there’s a good chance your money blocks are stopping you.

These niggly little blocks are rooted deep within our subconsciousness. And have a habit of popping up all to often.

Just imagine if you could change these blocks and introduce new positive thought patterns and attract unlimited prosperity and abundance into your life.

How would this change your life?

Maybe you could buy your dream home, go on more epic travel expeditions, plant a forest or even run a business based around your heart space.

Either way, whatever it is you want you can now have.

Sounds pretty good?

Living life on your terms. Free as a bird…

But right now this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your feeling stuck, unsure of your next right move and nothing seems to be moving forward.

I’ve been in this position so many firkin times!

So what do you do about it?

You’ve got to take it back to the basics.

Find out what your money blocks are and then take action.

In this article, I’m going to show you 5 daily rituals to overcome your money blocks so you can say goodbye to the old self-limited beliefs and a big hello to new positive beliefs surrounding money.

1. Tapping

The biggest issue surrounding people’s experience with money is financial beliefs, traumas, and unconscious beliefs that are holding them back.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind through tapping on various acupuncture points whilst saying certain ‘set up’ statement fires new positive pathways through to the brain and to your subconscious mind.

This means old habits and self limiting beliefs around money can now be eliminated for good.

What tend’s to happen is you pick a specific issue and then it’s likey another subconscious beliefs will come up.

Picture an onion. It take a lot of layers to unravel what’s at the centre of an onion.

This is similar to your thoughts and belief’s.

You think it just one area you need help with and then all of the sudden anger rises to the surface. You keep tapping until you eventually let it ALL go.

Pretty cool eh?

Tapping helps to remove old money blocks
What’s so great about Tapping is the results are immediate and the changes actually last!

More and more scientific studies are proven Tapping effectiveness.

Because the effects of tapping are so immediate people have what is known as the apex effect. When people lose their symptom during a Tapping session, people won’t credit the effect Tapping had on eliminating there problem.

So the more studies we have on this really awesome tool, the more we learn and understand why and how it’s so effective.

Once you know the correct tapping points and in the correct order your then free to tap anywhere and on anything that may come to the surface.

Nick Ortner has shined the spotlight in recent years on Tapping and his book The Tapping Solution is a must read. The book outlines specific set up statements to help you on a number of issues.

He also lists a heap of case studies which is really insightful for all emotions and problems.

I’t’s nice to have the book close by so you can refer to it when ever you want.

There are plenty of free resources online to get you started and see if you like it. One of the best people I’ve come across is Julie Schiffman from Dr Mercola’s website.

She has a number of free videos on a whole range of topics.

This stuff really does work.

I highly recommend this become part of your daily rituals and see the positive changes it has on your life.

2. Affirmations

Saying positive affirmations to yourself each day and every day. What could be so bad about that?

Now I am big fan of affirmations. I used them all through my life so far and I will continue to do so as they really are just the best.

Affirmations plant the mental seeds for creating new experiences.

If you have a habit of negative thought patterns around money let’s say “I not worthy enough” become a witness, allow the thought to come and go and then immediately reaffirm a positive statement such as “I am worthy enough, that I am”

Now using the Law of Attraction to your advantage you need to hold a new positive thought for 17 seconds which will then attract a similar thought on the same vibration.

Once you get into a habitual loop you will eventually replace every thought with a more positive one.

Affirmations help change your money blocks around

Louise Hay pioneered the self-help movement and later launched the very successful Hay House Publications.

Each morning and evening I make sure I recite a few of Louise Hay affirmations.

Rather than waking up and immediately checking your phone, take a moment in your bed and take a deep breath and say thankyou.

Have a few affirmations at hand and read them out loud.

Have a few affirmations at hand and read them out loud.

“I am prosperous, that I am”

“Money flows easily and effortlessly to me”

“My income is constantly increasing”

These are just a few to begin with.

Do your research there are so many money affirmations on the web and pick ones that resonate with you.

Type them up or write them in a journal and habitually recite them.

Affirmations are so so important. After all, it is your thoughts that directly creates your reality.

So make sure your creating a reality of love, abundance and prosperity and not one of fear, scarcity and self doubt.

Affirmations allow you to gain control over your thoughts and feelings.

So start now and affirm your intentions of what you want and which direction you want to go.

3. Chanting

This is something new to me, but I’m so into it and when you dig a little deeper it makes complete sense.

Sound is a vibration and so is money.


Read on…

In fact everything is energy. Energy can never be destroyed it can only be transformed.

Chanting helps to instantly raise your vibration and takes only minutes to do each day.

Chanting changes your vibration and attract money into your life
When you raise your vibration, your coming from a higher place. A place of abundance, love, joy, happiness ect.

This helps to create a feeling of knowing and trust. When your in this feeling of expecting the Universe always delivers.

But when your focus is on the lack of money, you will continue to bring about experiences in your life based around the same perception of lack.

This is not made up bullshit, it’s Universal Law.

There are quite a few chants to help with money, and the one that I use is a buddist chant and it’s goes life this:

Money Chant

Ong wau su da li siwau ha

  1. Chant 108 times
  2. Face the East direction

So as you chant your energy changes. And if you can chant everyday this will begin to change your point of attraction.

If this is all a little too spiritual for you and you’ve firmly placed yourself in the skeptics corner, then just remember your thoughts, words actions, even feelings are all energy

So next time you say WTF about chanting, be open, give it a try and see all the magic come into your life.

4. Mental Rehearsal or Visualisation

I’m a visual learning so I find visualisation really easy and effective.

Anyone who is creative (yes you!) will find this section easy because it’s activates the same part of the brain as your creative side.

Scientist, teachers, doctors ect, take a little longer to open up this part of the brain as they are constantly working with their logical side.

Visualisation is energy. Visualisation creates chemical activities in the body.

Through these chemical activities, we produce the right kind of energy to meet the needs of the body and to help the body open to money blockages that have been stuck within our body for a long time.

Pretty rad, eh?

Picture who you want to be and you will become it
 Over time as you mental rehearse what you desire, you will begin to attract things into your life to help support your goal (s).

The key is to be specific and it must resonate with you.

Some people create a vision board in their house or office with exactly everything they what.

Each day they make a habit of viewing and reaffirming to themselves their goals and through repetition and constantly reaffirming to themselves they eventually get what they want.

This really is powerful.

I’ve come across many case studies or entrepreneurs acquiring exactly what they’ve wanted through using this technique.

Get in a habit of before going to bed, mentally rehearse the person you want to become.

The longer you do this the more you will begin to actually feel it.

This will give the energy momentum and as you continue, you will begin to notice certain things showing up in your life that are helping to support your journey.

These are called synchronicities.

They are a little sign from the Universe letting you know, your are on the right path.

5. Gratitude

Wake up each morning and give thanks to the Universe for everything you have in your life.

Go into the smallest of details and say with love “Thankyou Universe for my beautiful bed, Thankyou Universe for all the food in my fridge” continue to on a perpetual loop of gratitude for all you currently have in your life.

The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract experiences in your life to be grateful for.

When you feel more gratitude you will attract more prosperity
Gratitude and Thankfulness is a positive emotion directly associated with the kidney energy system. The negative emotion of the kidney energy system is fear.

By practicing daily gratitude exercises you not only create more abundance into your life you also live your life with less fear.

When you are in a state of gratitude you naturally become more open and receptive to all the good in the Universe.

The health benefits of a simple practice each day of gratitude has a tremendous effect on your health.

Feeling healthy, appreciating all of life has to offer and manifesting more abundance is a win-win.

Try living with more gratitude throughout your day and see all the wonderful benefit that will come into your life.


Our money blocks are often habits picked up from our childhood through our parents experience with money.

These self-limited beliefs we hold follow us throughout our lives, until we realise there is something bigger at play.

Topping up your knowledge on Universal Laws can really help live you life on your terms.

This understanding also helps to create trust and knowing that everything is working out for your highest good.

It’s so important to know that you are not your parents thoughts, you are your own thoughts and habits.

But it begins with taking control over your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions around money to start making the changes.

As with anything, these small changes will have immediate impact, but often take a few weeks, months even years to perfect.

The key is to start. So you begin to take control of your own values and cultivate a life that serves your soul.

Just remember everything is energy and energy can be transformed.

Start your transformation now and see all the magic show up.

With Love


About the author 

Lauren Ringer

 Hi, I'm Loz. And I'm a life coach for those people who are brave enough to run towards their truth. 

...as i was brave enough to run towards mine. 

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