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Divine Feminine Energy; What Exactly Is It & Why You Need It More Than Ever



Before you ask....

Feminine energy is not about catching the man of your dreams. Nor, does it exist only in women.

It's much deeper, it’s more powerful and is the new predominant energy on the planet. 

Yup, that’s right. 

Gaia has recently shifted her consciousness into 70% feminine and 30% masculine. 

So, we better get used to it. 

Whether you're a male or female there has never been a more important time to work with this feminine energy and access all of it's power. 

In this post, you will learn, what divine feminine energy really is and why you need it more than ever.

Note: For the sake of this article I will be using pronouns to describe the energy. He or She. Although the energy is not gender specific but will help to describe the two energies.

 We’ll start with the obvious question…

What is feminine energy 

Feminine energy also known as Yin or Shakti is one half of spirit life. The other half is referred to as Masculine energy also known as Yang or Shiva. 

Feminine energy is the foundational energy that underlies everything. 

In short.

This energy, is our life force. 

From the beating of your heart to the breathing of your lungs. This creative force is what sustains all of life.

Divine feminine qualities

Chances are, you’ve heard divine feminine qualities mostly associated with voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir

This narrative couldn't be further from the truth.

Let’s get clear and uncover what the feminine energy really is.

I'll let you in on a little secret...

She's a powerful baddass.  

Truth seeker

Feminine energy demands the truth. But, sometimes the truth hurt's, right? 

Which is why we have a habit of moving into our masculine energy to distract ourselves from seeing the truth. 

Sex, drugs, workaholic, alcohol. The list goes on. 

Feminine energy however, has other ideas. 

In fact, she can be pretty brutal. 

You see, Yin energy will destroy anything in your life which is no longer serving you. 

You know what I’m talking about. The relationship which needs to end. Or, the job you need to leave. 


Yin energy will always bring truth to the surface. Usually through the death of something old. 

After all, it’s in this creative and destroyer energy, new life can begin. 

The Feeler

Feminine energy invites her emotions and sits with her pain. 

In this sacred space of stillness with her beingness, she is able to process her emotions so she can go deeper into self

With her constant awareness and her connection to self, she is able to go deep into her body to heal emotions and her pain from past lives and childhood, so she can clear karma and continue her soul's expansion in this lifetime. 


Heart centred living is a feminine energy constant state of being. 

Every decision, every feeling, every action, is from her heart space. 

When the feminine energy is deeply connected to her heart, her intuition switches online and this becomes one of her most sacred gift. 

Intuition also known as 'six sense' transcends the mental and physical planes.

In physiologically this is referred to as “knowing that you know that you know”. Often, without any logic or reasoning". 

These intuitive gifts usually appear in the form images, emotional or physical responses and through synchronicities. 

Interestingly, most of our intuition has been compromised by listening too much to our mind. Thankfully, the feminine knows better. She has an unshakable trust in her own inner knowing. 

Her innate ability to listen to the call of her heart, without compromise is one of divine feminine sacred spiritual powers. 


Feminine energy is magnetic by nature. Masculine energy is electric by nature. 

Feminine energy attracts to her what it is that she needs.

Be it love. Be it money.

A masculine however, is all about assertion. Going out to get what he wants.

Feminine energy is the receiving energy and draws to her without effort, using the law of attraction to form the basis of her magnetism. 

Her knowledge and understanding of the universe is second nature. 

And, it's through this embodiment of divinity, she approaches things in her life with trust and ease. 

She's all about “allowing it to happen” rather than “making it happen”. 

Connected to the cycles of life

Feminine energy is the energy of being, of stillness. She goes with the flow of life. She is connected to nature, the cycle of life. Death and Birth. 

She's in her element when she's in nature. She's knows she is connected to all things.

Feeling the trees communicating, the birds signing and the bees humming.  

Her soul acknowledging the oneness to all of life's creation. 

She is connected to the rhythms of life, to the ebb and flow, she trusts in the process of life. 

She doesn't resist the need for change and she understands this is the natural rhythm of life. 

She is comfortable in the cycles of life. Including death and birth. 

With her inner knowing she is an integral part of all that is, she has much respect for all of life and care's little to the changes life presents. 

How do you get feminine energy?

Let's just be clear here.

Feminine energy is not gender specific. 

We are all a mix of masculine and feminine energy but we tend to lead to a more predominant one. 

So, it’s not about getting your feminine energy, but rather embracing your feminine energy. 

For many years, feminine energy has been suppressed with a predominant patriarchal society. However, the tides are changing and as we enter the new earth our feminine energy is rebirthing itself and awakening to universal power.

It's important to acknowledge our feminine energy and restore the balance between our feminine and masculine energies for the wellbeing our ourselves and our planet. 

How do you awaken feminine energy?

To awaken our feminine energy there are two key factors you must address first: 

  1. Heal the masculine energy
  2. Set your intention

Heal the masculine 

To awaken your feminine energy, you first have heal your masculine energy. 


For thousands of years masculine energy has been the inner protector and the inner vigilant. These facets have become distorted through many years of violence , wars and pillaging on this planet. 

In other words.

Your inner masculine is constantly in protection mode.


There are two ways I recommend to heal the masculine. 

Here are a few tips I recommend:

  1. Self talk (yes, I literally mean talking to your inner masculine energy) using mantras e.g You can relax. There’s no more war going on. I don’t need your protection anymore. 
  2. Mediation

Once the masculine has been fully healed, you will naturally come face to face with your feminine. 

Set your intention 

The power of your intention, is one of your most powerful tools you can use to activate your feminine energy. 

The clearer you are with your intention the more you are able to evoke your feminine energy. 

Eight tips to help you fully awaken your goddess energy. 

1. Drumming 

For centuries different cultures have used drumming in tribal gatherings for it's miraculous benefits on the body.  

Shamic drumming or African drumming immediately connects you to her heartbeat. This in turn, connects you deeper to your body. 

And, when you move into your body, you move into your feminine energy. 

2. Work with feminine archetypes

Spirit guides are always available to help you in any situation.

There are many ways to utilise your spirit guides. You can ask for protection. You can ask for guidance. 

The important part is, you must ask. 

Calling in and working with feminine archetypes will help you activate your feminine energy. 

There are so many goddess to choose from, here are only a few:

  • Isis
  • Quan Yin
  • Kali
  • Durga

Experiment with which ones resonates with you and which guides you enjoy working with. 

3. Surrender

What ever you've heard about surrendering is not what you thought.

You've probably heard the word surrender associated with giving up or letting go.

But, what about if I told you surrendering is more about melting into something higher. 

Much more powerful, right?

When the many facets of our feminine energy are awakened the truth will reveal itself.

Through the revelations of truth we must surrender to our smallest selves and our limitations so we can reclaim our power. Our goddess energy.  

4. Get into your body

Feminine energy is moving energy. Masculine energy is mental energy.

Any activity which is movement base, like dancing, yoga or a walk in the forest, is going to help activate your feminine energy. 

It’s so important for the feminine to get out of her mental zone and allow her body lead. 

This is where her true authentic power lies. 

I'll give you example: 

Have you ever watched a feminine fully let go whilst she is dancing?

It’s simply mesmerising and hypnotic. 

This is feminine energy in action.

5. Connect to your emotions

Ah. Not again. Those pesky emotions, why can’t they go away…

Isn't, this how most of us deal with our emotions?

When you deal with emotions in this way, your never connecting with the message behind the emotion. 

What most people don't know is, emotions are only ever travellers. Their purpose isn’t to set up camp in your body. 


Their purpose is to make you sit up and realise something not right. 

Inviting your emotions in and sitting with them, talking to them will allow the emotion(s) to run their course. 

6. Express your creativity

The divine feminine is the central creative force of the universe. From the creation of a baby to the creation of new relationships. 

This creativity is located in our sacral chakra and is responsible for the creation of everything. 

This creative energy is an expression of feminine energy. It's fun, light and playful all expressions of our feminine energy.

You can easily awaken your feminine energy through the form of any creativity. A new business venture, writing project or dancing. 

Tapping into our creative energy is very healing and illuminant for our feminine energy. 

7. Practise Wewui

Wewui is a Daoist expression for living in harmony with nature - to go with the flow. The word Wewui interpreted as ‘the way’ or ‘route’ is an effortless surrender to the rhythms of life. 

Living in harmony with the nature within and around us. 

Effortless action. 

This has been described as the ultimate energy of the universe. To drift with nature, to move to the ebb and low of life. 

Rather than resist (like most people in the modern world). 

Move with life, the way life is going. As life presents itself, go with it, rather than against it. 

This is the Wewui of living life.

8. Be in nature

Feminine energy is at home in nature.

The more you can get connected to nature the more you will connect to your feminine energy. 

Nature serves as a healer. Walking barefoot, hugging the trees and listen to birds soothes our overly active masculine energy and helps to bring us back into balance with our feminine energy. 

Natures ebb and flow of the moon, the water, the trees embodies the core essence of feminine energy and helps us to reconnect to our mother. Mother nature. 

Which side of the body is feminine energy?

The left hand side of the body is associated with your feminine energy. This activates the right hand side brain, known for it's (visual, intuitive and creative) abilities.

The right hand side of the body is associated with your masculine energy. This activates the left hand (logical) side of the brain.

The objective with both of these energies is to maintain harmony. This is the key to wholeness. 

When there is an imbalance on either side, this will indicate there is overexerted or weakened in one of these energies. 

Optimal health, lies within the equilibrium of these two energies. 

How do you heal feminine energy?

Healing your feminine energy is like unraveling an onion. 

First, you have to identify what your core wounds are, then begin to change the stories around those old programmes and templates. 

Whether these ‘wounds’ have come from previous past lives or early childhood, you have the tools and resources to heal them in this lifetime. 

Make sure you seek some form of assistance when clearing old wounds. 

Most of these wounds have been dismissed and suppressed for many years and reactivating them will cause some deep emotional release and trigger a lot of fear and uncomfortable feelings.

Have a think about what triggers you, within your current or previous relationships. 

You’ll notice a common theme running through each of them. This could be anything from low self worth to abandonment issues. 

Once you establish what is you need to heal, you can then begin your inner work to balancing your masculine and feminine energies.  

What are some feminine traits?

A divine feminine has many traits. All of which make her divine by nature. 

My top five feminine traits:

  1. Empathy

She feels everything. Including other people's pain and suffering. Sometimes to her own detriment. But this is her true nature. 

  1. Vulnerability

She is the first to open her heart and express her feelings openly. Her vulnerability is the door to deeper intimacy and connection. Even if it cost her, her heart. 

  1. Nurturing

The nurturer (is that even a word?).  That's you right?

Deeply compassionate, and caring to all things.

This nurturing doesn't just stop with close friends and family, instead it expands to her environment - trees, seas and beyond. 

  1. Sensuality 

The feminine energy is creative. This creative energy is the shared energy of the sacred chakra which is our sexual energy. 

Our sexual energy is the most powerful energy of the universe. 

The divine feminine knows how to express this through her movement, her touch and her behaviour. When the feminine truly embodies her sensuality she’s hypnotic and captivating.

Sensuality is also about surrounding yourself with beauty and self care. Taking a salt bath or a having a massage encourages you to explore and develop a more intimate connection with yourself. 

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is the expression of loving anything an everything, without any expectation of return.  

Unconditional love is the power centre of the divine feminine. An expansive power base for radiating love, light and gratitude.

Forever, and always.

Time to activate your feminine energy 

Most people (including myself) have been mis led about feminine energy: what it is and how to fully use it to it's full potential. 

Don't be one of those. 

Right now on our planet, there has never been a more important time to nurture and work with our divine feminine energy. 

Just get started and activate your divine feminine energy one step at a time. 

What are waiting for? It's time release your wild feminine spirit...

With love,


About the author 

Lauren Ringer

 Hi, I'm Loz. And I'm a life coach for those people who are brave enough to run towards their truth. i was brave enough to run towards mine. 

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