November 21

Energy Shielding; Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires



What if I told you; you could be calm, centred and relaxed no matter what situation or environment you’re in. 

That’s right…

I’m talking about you, being completely comfortable in crowded bars, busy cafes, hectic shopping centres, heck even crazy public transport.  

You, free to go anywhere you please!

No more sponging unwanted negative energy.  No more feeling anxious, drained and depleted. 

Sounds like a dream, right? Like it can’t possibly be real?

But, it is. 

In this post I’m going to be teaching you all about energy shielding (and why it’s so damn effective), plus how to use it effectively in your day to day life. 

You’ll also be learning how through the use of a few simple techniques you can confidently protect your energy every time you leave your home.

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), or even if you’re emotionally numb, the energy shielding techniques you’re about to learn will slay any energy vampires that cross your path!


Ok, lets go...

What is energy shielding?

Energy shielding is a technique to help empaths or highly sensitive people (HSP) avoid absorbing other people's negative energy by creating an energy barrier. 

This energy barrier will help to keep your own energy field within a closed, safe and contained system - with zero leakage. And, it can even repel the energy back to the sender. 

The most common form of this technique is the visualisation of an energetic layer of light surrounding your body. 

This light protects you from attracting negative energy which may become lodged or attached to your energy field. 

Depending on your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being, it can be both temporary or permanent. 

What are the benefits of energy shielding?

Energy shielding is especially effective if you’re an empath or highly sensitive person. 

Let me explain.

As a spiritual, vibrational being that’s hyper sensitive to the energy of others, you need to have a way to shield that energy to live a normal, happy life.

That’s where this practice steps in.

It's a technique that (you guessed it) acts like a shield for propelling negative energies. Things like taking on the fears, anxiety, worries and doubts of others.

If you can’t repel these lower vibration energies then guess what…

You’re going to find yourself tired, heavy, depleted and consistently unwell.

Some of the many benefits are;

  • Block any negative energy coming your way
  • Your spiritual growth is not interrupted by outside forces
  • Block people who are trying to read your mind or steal your energy
  • Increase your intuitive abilities
  • Protect yourself from curses or low-vibrational entities
  • Protection when dreaming or astral projecting

What we all want in life is to be in control of any and all situations in your life; not others controlling you and the way you feel.

The good news is, using this technique in your day to day life, you’ll regain the freedom to go anywhere at anytime without EVER being so much as touched by the negatives of the energies around you.

How does energy shielding work?

It works by using visualization with intent to create light shields (more on them in a minute) which can take on many different shapes and colors. The color and shape of the light field you choose will depend on your circumstances and your intention.

The most common form of energy shielding is via the use of white light visualization.  

Here's how it's done...

White Light Energy Shielding Technique (How to)

  1. Sit in a quiet room. Make sure you are comfortable.
  2. Allow thoughts to come and go with ease
  3. Take a few deep breaths. Allow your breath to settle into its natural rhythm. 
  4. Set your intention. This could be calling upon the Archangels, a prayer or an affirmation/ mantra

An example would be; “I am shielded from all negative energy”

  1. Now visualize a white light encompassing your entire being. Start from the crown of your head and continue to visualize the light spreading down to the tips of your toes. 
  2. I like to take this a step further and visualize the white light bolting me to the earth. This helps to feel grounded. 
  3. As the white light envelop your entire body, have your intention to mind
  4. Hold here in this moment for as long as you can and feel the love from the divine
  5. SEAL IT - This is especially important to avoid any cracks in your bubble. Helping to keeping you protected and safe. 

For best results, practise regularly. 

You can strengthen your energy shield during mediation. This helps to shield you from more powerful forms of negative energy. 

Much like anything, the more you practise the better you become. 

When to use it

Whenever your in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, use the energy shield to protect your from toxic and negative energies. 

At a bus stop. Work party. Waiting in line at the supermarket. 

The best thing about energy shielding is nobody will know when your using it or not - although they will probably feel it 🙂


Energy shielding is a simple technique that can be weaved into everyday life with some profound effects.

By practicing it in your day to day life you’ll be able to be the master of your own energy, without taking on the world's problems.

Try it, practice it, and see how this simple practice can transform your life.

Let me know in the comments below if you've used this technique before, and if so, how its helped you in your life.

With love,


About the author 

Lauren Ringer

 Hi, I'm Loz. And I'm a life coach for those people who are brave enough to run towards their truth. i was brave enough to run towards mine. 

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