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A Brief Guide To Mastering Better Focus



Let’s get real here.

Focus is hard. What’s even harder is the ability to remain focused. This is especially true when your not seeing any results.

I remember when I was finishing up my last year of high school staying focused seemed insurmountable.

There were always a100 different distractions creeping in, constantly challenging my will power and my fomo.

Ah, temptation is a killer!

I would here my dad shouting form his office “Lauren! If you want to see results, you’ve got to stay focused”.

The logical part of my brain would answer “OK dad, I’ll get back to it” whilst my illogical brain would say “fuck this shit, I’m out of here”

Needless to say I didn’t focus all that well and left school with less than average results.

On the other hand if it was in regards to focusing on my sport, I would display laser sharp focus.

Wonder why this is…?

It was higher on my value list (sorry teachers).

The ability to master focus seems far more than just a skill. It’s as though only a select few have the capacity to focus long term.

Kind of symbolic that the wealthiest men in the world Warren Buffet and Bill Gates pin there success and mass fortune to one important factor - FOCUS.

There is a significant difference between people who have focus and others who have no focus.

They appear healthier, happier, driven and their entire day in centred around their goals.

These characteristics are displayed within all successful people. It’s as though everything in their day has such meaning as its driving them closer to their goals.

Never undervalue what the pursuit of purpose has on the human spirit.

It’s so important to have an anchor like this in your life.

In this article I’m going to look at why focus is important and what we can do to improve it.

Get Crystal Clear On What It Is That You Want

In theory this is relatively easy but in practise this is a huge sticking point.

You see most of us don’t even know what we want, although we understand changes need to occur.

Uncovering how to move forward and in what direction is key.

We all grow up with dreams or visions of who and what we want to become.

I believe we all want to be great, but it’s our choices along the way that knock the wind out of sail.

Successful people don’t let this stop them. They keep going with their dreams and visions until they come to fruition.

Through thick and thin they remain focused on their desire.

They know exactly what they wanted and they dared to go after it.

Imagine a huge ocean liner making its way out to the south pacific. Without any idea of where it needs to be going.

It would zig, zag and take wrong turns until it eventually ended back at the beginning.

Now picture the exact same ocean liner going out into the ocean with a clear destination. It would know the exact route to take. It would be organised and clear with its preparation.

And it would get to the destination quickly and effectively.

Result = Success.

When you vision is clear you move all of your energy towards it.

Your behaviour changes, your language changes, every cell in your body moves towards action because you are focused on your end point.

Everybody needs a focus in life.

When you have no direction your brain becomes idle. This is like a breeding ground for negative and destructive thought patterns to lay there seeds.

As Napoleon Hill once said...

“An idle mind is a dangerous mind.”

Napoleon Hill

We don’t function when we have no direction. No goals. No purpose, NADA!. This is not why we're here.

This is a 21 century dilemma.

Our ancestors never had this time to sit around to think.

They were so focused on survival. Hunt - Gather - Eat - Repeat

Modern day focus - Instagram - Facebook - Youtube - Comparison - Procrastination - Self Doubt - Anxiety - Eat from Fridge - Sit Back Down - The list goes on…

We need to to take it back to the basics and remind ourselves of what we are here to achieve.

Get clear on what is that you want and do not for one second take your focus off it.

You hear me!?

If you’re one of those lost souls and do know which way to turn, I would recommend this really simple exercise.


1. Start with the end in mind. In other words - what does your final destination look like?
2. And work back from that.

We become so stifled with fear and self doubt that we are so afraid to really express our deepest desires and dreams.

Let all that shit go, and don’t hold back on what it is that you want.

The more compelling your vision is the more your going to move into action.

Here’s an example:

Not Compelling: I want to be rich because I’m poor.

Compelling: I want to be rich so I can change my life and be able to impact others to live a more inspiring and powerful life.

The more compelling your focus is the more your energy will pull you towards it, rather than having to push yourself towards it.

Only Focus On What You Do Want

Once you know your vision and what you want, you need to spend everyday all day obsessing about.

Where your focus goes, your energy will go. This is your point of attraction.

When you have laser sharp focus, the universe conspires to bring you what’s active in your vibration.

In simple terms: like attracts like.

The more you become aware of what you’re focusing on and train your mind to not deviate from your focus then you're onto something.

Your brain is a muscle and just like heading to the gym to build more muscle in your body, you can do the same with your brain.

It takes the same principles as weight training like discipline, repetition and practice to retrain your brain.

Your mind will wander and loop into old patterns by default.

It’s your job to first become aware that this is happening, stop the old patterns and introduce your new patterns of focus.

We have a habit of thinking and dwelling on what we don’t want, so we bring more negative experiences into our life.

If you could maintain tunnel vision and only think about what we do want, we would have so many more things showing up for us.

Be aware of the ego. It tends to pull us back down , whenever if feels where moving into unchartered waters.

When we create new patterns only focus on the new and delete the old from your mind.

This shift is huge in terms of manifestation.

It’s not instant but slowly you will begin to see synchronicity (signs from the Universe) aligning with your desires.

This is the power of focus!

Over the past few months, I’ve been using Abraham Hicks Focus wheel and this has helped me get unstuck, and move myself into more action with clarity and focus.

The Focus Wheel

  1. Draw a circle in the centre of the page
  2. Around this centre circle are serval little circles or segments (just like a merry go round), maybe 12 of them going around like the numbers on a clock
  3. In the centre of your focus wheel you make your statement of intent: I want to be the most successful life coach in the world”
  4. The goal is to make a statement you already believe, something that matches your desire
  5. Fill each of the segments with statements that matches your big statement like” I love the process of learning” “teaching others is my passion”
  6. Revise and refine the focus wheel and draw upon it when you need to focus

With each day your focus improves you will begin to come to a place of expectancy, this is when shit get real!

The more you can give your desire energy, it will gain more momentum.

If you want something, it’s quite simple, focus on it and it will come.

Ask Yourself What's The Next Right Move & Nothing Else

It goes without saying, to stay focused you need to eliminate as many distractions from your life as you can.  

Unless of course they are a necessary part of your mission.

Be honest here, do you really need to be checking instagram three times a day? What about emails? Can they wait to be answered?

Each time you lose your focus from the task at hand, it takes a while to re focus and this users more brain energy.

As you move through each task which is helping towards your mission, you only need to know one thing…

What is the next right move?

Once you know what it is, then go ahead and complete it.

Think of it like the power of now.

This also includes the garbage in your head.

Anyone who’s reaching for a higher place in their life, is going to feel pretty overwhelmed at the beginning.

It’s hard not too, when your about to climb a huge mountain.

When you break down your focus in segments and keep asking the same question you’re going to get more done and in less time.

This is what we all dream about.

Being more productive and using less of our time is going to get you where you want to be, much quicker.

This will really help your focus and you will begin to see results.

Instead of being a driver with peripheral vision, trying being one who only looks forward.

You don’t need to take in the scenery, or take a detour here and there. Stop for some lunch, then poodling and meander around the countryside.

No. This is about being on the Bundesautobahn with your foot down.

Take the scenic route once you’ve achieved your success.

Declutter as much stuff from your life and your head as you can.

To remain focused all you need to keep asking yourself is, what the next right move?

If you don’t know what it is, keep asking and you will soon have the answers.

Don’t force this, you want your ideas to flow naturally.

And remember all distractions are distracting you from seeing results.

Think twice before you pick up your phone…

17 Second Exercise

  1. Wake up and stay in a place of complete resistance for as long as you can.
  2. The moment you become aware of a thought, focus and hold your thought on what is is you want for 17 seconds.
  3. Continue attracting similar thoughts or visions and looping your 17 seconds thoughts together into your 68 seconds cycle of pure focus.
  4. Complete the next day and the next day and so forth.

Staying Focused Long Term. Is It Possible?

The ability to stay focused long term can be challenge for anyone if there is no evidence of their goals coming through.

It’s crucial that when you plan your goals you break them down into bite sized chunks so you are able to see results showing up in your life.

This enables you to remain focused and encourages you to keep pursing what it is that you want.

Normally what tends to happen is we focus on the event which we want to achieve and not the process.

Living in a state of fantasy rather than action.

Finding a daily ritual that you fall in love and enjoy the process of moving forward towards is going to radically change your focus.

When you do this, your focus comes from a willingness and eagerness to get started rather than a procrastination and lack of focus.

If you enjoy the process then you will automatically commit to it.

As you stack your focus each day you will build on more and more results which will lead to better outcomes and your focus will improve.

The catch is to not set goals that aren't in line with your highest values.

When you are congruent with who you are and what is that you want , you will instinctually go after it.

I found it’s also really important to have a bigger mission statement than just yourself.

For example:

You are hoping to have a successful online blog to help people transition out of their dead end day job...

And, some of your long term goals would be...

  1. 1
    I want to become rich
  2. 2
    Buy a house
  3. 3
    Never work again

These are great goals for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, but if you were to change it a little and have a cause of mission statement like….

“The world needs entrepreneurs.

Countless people with huge potential are stifled or numbed because they have to prioritise making needs ends meet, putting food on the table over anything else.

I hope to empower people, by putting them in the position where their unique talents can be set free, without fear or going broke” 

Your focus is far more likely to continue with a bigger cause than if it was just for own success.

You wake up each day with a spring in your step and your eager to start your stay with laser sharp focus.

The key is to be honest with yourself and what it is that you want.

Mastering your focus long term will be quite easy once you’ve sorted the nuts and bolts out.

Spend a little extra time defining your goals and strategies and soon realise that your focus is always there because you love what you do.


Focus is actually quite simple, once you know a few techniques.

The trouble is in the western world were always trying to do more and this is having the reverse effect on our focus and our success.

If we could only stop for just a minute and smell the roses we would see how pointless this is.

Introducing a mindfulness approach to focus is going to see you get results you want.

The success recipe for focus looks like this...

1. Only focus on the now and on one singular task at a time

Scattered focus is going to get you average results.

Deliberate singular focus is going to see big results.

Bring your focus to the moment each day and see what happens to your life.

I hope you found my article on creating better focus useful.

Please let me know in the comments below how this has helped you.

With love,


About the author 

Lauren Ringer

 Hi, I'm Loz. And I'm a life coach for those people who are brave enough to run towards their truth. i was brave enough to run towards mine. 

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