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Twin Flame Vs Soul Mate Vs Karmic – What are the differences?



We all want to feel love and deeply connected to another in this life time.

To fall madly in love and live happily ever after...

Just like Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdam) love scene in the notebook.

Is this something exclusive to Soul Mates?

What about Twin Flames or Karmic Relationships?

As we fully integrate in the new earth, so are our relationship templates changing and evolving.

And, as we evolve, slowly our perception around love is too.

No longer are we marrying for economical purposes or adhering to society exceptions, were finally choosing for ourselves.

Moving out of our heads and into our hearts. Living authentically and passionately from our heart space.

After all, we can't help who we fall in love.

As our consciousness expands our connections to one another deepen.

Were starting to wonder just who are all these beautiful souls....?

Maybe there no such thing as serendipity and the divine orchestrates all of our soul contracts before entering into this life time.

The truth is, none of it matters.

Neither of these relationships are better than the other. Yes, I include the Twin Flame connection in this too.

Whats important is the lesson you learn from each and if by categorising a connection helps to understand it , then that really is the benefit.

But please don't get to caught up with these labels. What really matters is how a person makes you feel.

No matter what anyone says.

If they add value into your life, then they are suppose to be in it.

Try not to attach yourself too much to any of the labels and embrace each and every connection that comes into your life.

For some lucky souls they experience all three dynamics and for others none or maybe one.

It all depends on what lessons your here to learn in this lifetime and what has carried over from past life experiences.

Let's break down each connection and I hope this will help to clarify what kind of connection(s) you have either experienced or experiencing...

Twin Flames

From the great philosopher Pluto to mystic poet Rumi, their life works have all drawn up the greatest love connection to have ever exist.

Your Divine Counterpart.

Much has been written about the twin flame dynamic throughout our history.

And for good reason...

The intensity. the attraction, the mirroring, the lessons, the mission work and eventually the unconditional love.

If you're not familiar with it, this would all seem a little la la land for you.

But for others you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You see a Twin Flame couple (can be same sex) share the same energetic blueprint.

We all incarnate in soul clusters. Think of a block of honeycomb. Your twin is half of the same cluster.

The other whole clusters represent souls mates, family members, karmic partners.

All vibrating on a similar frequency.

But a Twin Flame connection share the exact same soul frequency.

Twin souls share the same soul frequency

This is why the Twin Flame connection is so unique.

Both twin's embody the Yin and Yang of the other. When you lock eyes with your twin, it's the closest thing you will experience to god or source energy.

You meet your twin and you share an immediate connection. The kind of connection where its easy, effortless and you feel a warm and fuzzy feeling around your heart centre.

There's a feeling of familiarity. You feel like you've met them before, and when you stare into each others eyes you feel like you've returned home.

As the intensity deepness, the shadows self emerges. Each Twin mirrors back to the other all the deep wounds from past life, current life and it all comes to the surface through the mirroring of the other twin.

This is when most Twins physically seperate.

The reason for the separation stage is each twin needs to work on themselves and help process all the lessons that arise to the surface to help them evolve and grow their consciousness.

During this separation stage both twins take on the role of runner and chaser. But predominately the twin carrying more masculine energy is the runner and the twin carrying more feminine energy is the chaser.

Often the Divine Masculine tends to stay very much in the 3D running from his or her shadow self into other relationships, or addictions or any thing that will provide as a distraction from there shadow self.

The Divine Feminine is left feeling abandoned, alone and in total bewilderment as to why the connection broke down.

This is when the Divine Feminine has her awakening and her accession process begins.

*Please note for the sake of this article I'm referring to the Define Feminine as a female, but a male can embody the Feminine energy and vice versa.

The Divine Feminine works on her self mastery. Diving deep into her mission work, her authenticity and unconditional love.

If after the separation both twins individually reach unity consciousness, they come into Union.

Not all Twins are here to live a physical union but the most important lessons of the Twin Flame connection is the mission work they both need to carry out.

As a collective their mission work is to help lift the vibration of the planet and shine the light and unconditional love to all.

A Twin Flame connection is one of the deepest love you will ever experience but it will also be the catalyst to your greatest growth.

Yes this means shit will hit the fan. Big time.

And, the only thing you can do about it, is look within.

It dosen't really matter how we define a twin flame connection what really matters is the self mastery.

Each Twin will endeavour to uncover the unconditional love they hold within themselves to help and heal the planet.

So much emphasis is put on both twins coming into physical union because this is the relationship dynamic were all familiar with.

But twins are here to redefine relationship templates.

You can unconditionally love someone and not have a physical relationship.

Love is love. It's not tangible.

Twin Flames are here to shake up the old templates so we all collectively move into higher states of consciousness.

This is to help re-define the world as we know it.

Soul Mates

Soul mates share a similar energy frequency - this is often referred to as 'soul family'.

You can have many soul mates in your lifetime, sometimes a soul mate can be a relative, friend or even a place can feel life a soul connection.

They can be both romantic and platonic and last a lifetime or they can come into your life for only a brief period.

Soul Mates are people who you deeply resonate with and share a strong connection too.

Soul mates are beautiful loving and harmonious relationships
They can both challenge and support you.

Soul mates are often here to activate the different parts of your soul so you can raise your consciousness and move to higher states of frequency.

Soul mates offer important lessons or karmic cycles that need to be completed.

Once the lesson have been learned, separation usually follows.

Soul Mates come into our lives only when we are aligned with our own soul.

When we step out of your head and into our hearts this is when a soul connection will enter into your life.

You often meet a soul mate prior to meeting your Twin Flame.

This is to prepare you for the ascension process and to clear any karma, so you can come into Union with your divine counterpart.

Soul mates share a intense and passionate connection, the love shared between the two can last forever - even if the relationship has ended.

You share an intuitive connection of emotional, physical and even spiritual compatibility.

There are times during the connection where you will feel extreme highs or extreme lows.

But the love will always remain.

When you experience a soul connection you often experience huge changes in your life and you are often guided towards your true north.

At different times in your life you will share and experience different types of connections, to help your soul evolve.

Karmic Partners

A karmic relationship can easily be confused as a twin flame connection because it shares similar traits and characteristics.

When you meet you karmic, there's an instant connection and immediate attraction. They feel familiar and you quickly fall madly in love.

The sex is off the charts and before you know it, this person becomes the centre of your Universe.

You're obsessed!

Karmic partners help to clear your karma and learn the necessary lessons

What begins as a beautiful, loving and blissful connection slowly transcends into a running, chasing, toxic and emotional roller coaster.

Deep wounds rise to the surface and your healing journey begins.

Karmic partners are essential to our souls evolution.

They provide a catalyst to help clean up past karma and to begin your deep spiritual work.

Karmic relationships are often a pre requisite to any soul or twin flame connection.

Because, there provide so many valuable lessons.

From codependency to highlighting your deepest fears, rest assured everything rises to the surface within a karmic relationships.

These types of connections are hot and heavy and never last.

Paying your karmic debt takes courage and you will be in for a long and bumpy ride.

That's until you wake up and lift the spell and release your karmic partner.

You soul has been cleansed and you've undergone a transformative experience and it's only now are you ready to master your own true north.

Not everybody experiences a Karmic relationship but for those who do or for those who are in one, these are absolute necessary for you to prepare to meet either your soul mate or twin flame.

As quick as you are to fall in love they are just as quick to end.

Take the lesson and be grateful for the cleared karma.


Neither connection is better than the other.

This is so, so important to understand.

You will be presented with whatever you need in your life so you can learn, love and expand your consciousness.

Too often Twin Flames can get stuck in the cycle of waiting for there divine counterpart. They feel they can't be happy again until there reunited.

This waiting energy is not healthy and can keep you stuck for a long time.

Soul mates are more organic, loving affair, they don't have the same push and pull as Twin Flames and once the connection has ceased it likely the two individuals will continue on their own journey.

Twin Flames however will always be connected in the 5D even if they aren't going to be together in the 3D.

Both types of connections offer similar lessons of unconditional love.

Both connections are equally beautiful. Pease don't place one above another.

Karmic relationships are more of a steep learning curve.

You will often experience the Karmic first as once you get a taste of a real soul connection, it's unlikely you will fall for a Karmic relationship again (or need to!).

As your soul evolves so does your vibration.

Each relationship serves a purpose to your own soul evolution and growth.

Love all the lessons, no matter how they are presented to you.

The Universe will never give you more than you can handle.

Please remember love isn't a competition. Love isn't about something being better or worse then the other.

Love is personal and is about what you want and need in this moment.

As you evolve and grow so will your connections.

Just allow love to be and see all the magic show up in your life.

Trust in the Universe and always choose what's right for your highest good.

Let me know in the comments below, what connections you have experienced and all the beautiful lesson you have learnt.

With love,


About the author 

Lauren Ringer

 Hi, I'm Loz. And I'm a life coach for those people who are brave enough to run towards their truth. i was brave enough to run towards mine. 

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